Nashville's growth is great for a lot of reasons, but not for Ann Watkins.

“Constant construction. When one stops, another starts," Watkins said.

She lives on Inga Street in East Nashville and says the new construction of homes is forcing more people to park on the street, often blocking her mailbox. 

“Non of them have parking in the back, so each home is limited to two parking spots on the actual lot," said Watkins. “You don’t know whose car is there. They are not considerate of the homeowners."

Watkins says when her mailbox is blocked, the mailman often skips her house. 

“It’s ridiculous and this is happening all over the areas of town where construction is going on," she said.  “The homeowner may not know their box is blocked. They could very well be at home sleeping because they work the night shift, they could be at work, they could be out of town, they could have a mail carrier who just doesn't want to stop that day.”

It is illegal to park in front of a mailbox in Nashville unless you are temporarily dropping off or picking someone up. Police say you can call and complain. Parking in front of a mailbox can get you ticketed and towed. 

“it isn’t fair. We shouldn’t have to call the post office and complain," said Watkins. 

The U.S Post Office released the statement to News4:

"The customer is responsible for keeping the approach to his or her mailbox clear to facilitate delivery. Where the approach to the mail receptacle located at the curb is temporarily blocked by a parked vehicle during normal delivery hours for the area, the carrier may dismount to make delivery if they are able to do so in a safe and efficient manner. If the carrier continually experiences a problem in serving curbline boxes, management may curtain delivery."

Watkins says the post office should have to give notification before stopping delivery. 

“I might not know and until I’m notified there’s a problem. Who is to say that I have been sufficiently notified before they choose to stop delivery," Watkins said. 

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Kim St. Onge joined the News4 team as a reporter in January 2017.

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