NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A woman went into labor Wednesday morning on the way to the hospital and gave birth on the side of Interstate 440.

Her husband was the only person there to deliver the baby. Wednesday morning is one the Thompson's will never forget.

"He was born at 8:56, so that was a very early start to the day."

Since earlier this week, Gayla started having contractions. Feelings she connected to a photography event she had over the weekend.

"We did not want to make the trip all the way to the hospital for a false alarm."

But, as time went on, the contractions got much more severe and that's when Gayla said it was time to get to the hospital.

"My contractions, I mean they were very quick, we packed up within 15 minutes."

That's when the two of them dropped off their other kid at daycare, and then they were in the rush to get to the hospital. But, time was no longer on their side.

"So I told him, now is the time to go fast and get in the median and I don't care if a cop, tries to pull us over, let him escort us. And I said we're called 911 but he didn't want to because he didn't want them to waste their time and meet us at the hospital, you know, because it was gonna take probably 10, 15 minutes. So it's all of a sudden I said, if you're not going to choose those options you're gonna have a road baby."

After a couple of complications, paramedics showed up to the roadside birth - and took mom and baby boy to Vanderbilt. The entire family is healthy and thankful tonight.

"I mean, for us, this is, this is about the best way I think as long as you know, Gayla is happy and healthy and Carson is to, I'd do it again in a heartbeat you know I just...instincts took over and it was, it was, it was fantastic."

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