NASHVILLE (WSMV) - The Nashville Soccer Club announced on Thursday that the stadium at The Fairgrounds Nashville will not be ready until the 2022 season.

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Fans were told the new stadium would be built and ready to go by 2020.

Team officials said the team will still be joining the Major League Soccer league in 2020, but they won’t be in their new home.

The CEO of Nashville SC said the team will not begin playing in their stadium until 2022.

The team will be playing home games at Nissan Stadium until the new stadium is ready.

CEO Ian Ayre released this statement on Thursday:

"We continue to make progress on our new MLS stadium. I have found in my experience of building stadiums and facilities, it is important to design the stadium from the inside out, so that it is first and foremost fit for purpose, and it is equally important to get it done right rather than get it done quickly. Our team has taken the original outline ideas and concepts and worked with architects and our construction partner to develop the best possible soccer specific stadium for our fans. We are now approaching a highly functional design that all of Nashville can be proud of.

"Given the size, scope and challenges in building what will be the largest soccer specific stadium in the U.S., we have adjusted our construction timeline such that we will begin play in our new stadium at the start of the 2022 MLS season.

"We are excited about the new facility, and this new timeline does not change anything about our plan to join MLS for the 2020 season. We will play our home games at Nissan Stadium until our new home is ready.

"We believe opening the 2022 season in our new stadium will be a better outcome for both our team and our fans. Moving into a new facility in the middle of the 2021 season and losing home field advantage could negatively affect our team on the field, and equally we believe this decision avoids disruption to our ticket holders midseason."

A spokesperson said they have redesigned the stadium and it will take longer than they anticipated to finish.

Most fans said they weren’t surprised, but disappointed.

“The renderings I saw of the stadium looked like it was going to be very nice, and I guess the team will be homeless until they get their permanent home and just have to bounce around like they have been,” said Donald Lepore. “Their big construction, I figure it’s probably going to take a while, but 2020, they could probably do it. I don’t know why not.”

The question is how much are all of the changes and delays now going to cost.

The Mayor’s Office didn’t know the new price tag, but a spokesperson said taxpayers will not be on the hook for it.

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