Nashville residents fed up over growing trash problem

Paint cans dumped in an East Nashville alley

Some residents in East Nashville are frustrated after they say people are dumping trash in their yards almost every day.

Boyd McLean said he's had to call the police twice in the last six months because of illegal dumping in the alley behind his home, which is how he accesses his driveway.

"About six months ago I had a guy drop off 60 one gallon paint cans, dropped it right in the middle of the alley, blocked it. Two or three days ago I had a guy drop off two car seats and a center console," McLean said.

Other residents have seen furniture, diapers, trash bags, even a hot tub dumped near their homes.

Metro Public Works will pick up trash for free if it's on a street, sidewalk or alley. Just within the last year, Public Works crews have picked up about 1,000 tons of litter and trash that was illegally dumped in Nashville.

"We'll hear from people, you know 'people are dumping here all the time,' but we don't realize, so we really need people to let us know when they see it so we can get out and get it taken care of so it doesn't become a bigger problem," Sharon Smith with Metro Public Works said.

You can also drop off your trash at one of four recycling centers in Nashville. Here are the locations: East Center: 943A Doctor Richard G. Adams Dr. Ezell Pike Center: 3254 Ezell Pike Omohundro: 1019 Omohundro Place Anderson Lane Center: 939A Anderson LaneYou can drop off three items per day at those locations. The Davidson County Sheriff's Office will also pick up most items free of charge.

The number to call to report illegal dumping and have Metro Public Works pick it up is 615-862-5000.

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