Nashville population growth affects car insurance rates


Harry Vineyard will tell you Nashville has definitely seen an increase in car crashes.

He knows because of the increase in his workload at J & E Automotive on Charlotte Pike,

"Twenty to 30 percent at least," said Vineyard.

Vineyard isn't surprised to hear car insurance rates are going up. He also doesn't like it.

"I have it with Nationwide, and mine went up quite a bit," said Vineyard. "They told me Nationwide lost $18 million in Tennessee."

Vineyard and several other mechanics that spoke with News4 said there are a few other disturbing trends they've noticed.

They said more and more insurance companies are putting pressure on mechanics and auto-body workers to do the work for less with the cheapest parts possible. They say the companies are also more quick to total cars out.

"They might as well cut their losses on that car and be done with it," Vineyard explains.

When it comes to the rate increases, we received mixed reviews.

"I was here way before everybody else moved in so I don't like that idea at all," said Nashville resident Keyez Lenox.

"I mean if there's more people in Nashville and there's more chances of accidents, I think people are going to have to pay more money," said another local, Sue Kline.

Like it or not, the only advice experts told News4 can help drivers is to be more careful when you're out on the road.

"Just watch for the potholes," said Vineyard.

Often companies will give you a discount if you use auto-pay, pay them in full or if you add safety features to your cars like dashboard cameras and anti-theft devices.

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