NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Despite a nationwide lifeguard shortage, Metro Parks and Rec say they have enough lifeguards on staff this summer.

"Clearly the Metro Parks pools are community gems," said Ron Jones.

Every week you will find Jones at the East Park Community Center Pool. Jones is an avid swimmer, who knows the importance of seeing lifeguards nearby.

"It's always comforting and satisfying to see them sitting up there when you come to swim knowing if there are any issues at all that there's someone there who's experienced, who's trained, who can help you if there's a need to," said Jones.

COVID-19 pushed back the normal training time for lifeguards, but at the peak of summer Stevon Neloms, assistant director of Metro's Community Recreation division says all of the community pools are fully staffed.

“We can't have the optimum summer enrichment program without lifeguards. People want to utilize the pools and we want to make sure those pools are fully accessible and are fully staffed," Neloms said.

Metro Parks and Rec says that while their pools are fully staffed with lifeguards, they are still looking for part-time lifeguards to help with expanding pool hours.

"In order for us to give the community the optimum hours that we want to give them, we do need more lifeguards to give them those hours so families can enjoy open swim with their kids, they can come in and utilize the pool for more hours in those pocket communities," said Neloms.

Metro Parks and Recs have filled 24 lifeguard positions. News4 also checked with the Maryland Farms Family YMCA, who experienced a lifeguard shortage a month ago. They said their pools will be officially fully staffed with lifeguards on Monday.

"In order to have a viable program anywhere it's important to be fully staffed with lifeguards so Metro Parks does an excellent job of doing that," said Jones.

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