Cops called when Metro Schools can’t find children on buses

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Parents and members of the Donelson-Hermitage Neighborhood Association met Monday with Metro School officials to go over a plan they say they've been asking about for decades.

Roughly 2,600 students attend McGavock High School, which is at the top of a cluster of 15 schools. Currently, this is the biggest high school cluster in Davidson County and serves the Donelson, Hermitage and Old Hickory communities.

The president of the neighborhood association says they've been fighting the same battle for 20 years and are asking for a new school to help with overcrowding.

Heather Morozov’s son will attend McGavock High School next year. She among a number of parents in favor of building a new school.

“I think a lot of people in our community feel like this area of Nashville, which is growing, would be better served to have more manageable populations for high school students,” said Morozov. “They are really just as needy as elementary kids as far as needing a good ratio, attention, and I think you control a lot of behavioral issues when you have a smaller population.”

The last time the group asked for a second high school, the board of education gave a cost estimate. A new high school at the size they're proposing would cost between $35 million and $40 million.

School board chair Anna Shepherd said building a new high school now would cost “exponentially” more, but wasn’t able to give an estimate.

She feels there will eventually be a need for a new school to keep up with the growing population, but doesn’t feel like it’s necessary now.

“It might be particular classrooms that are popular classes that might be the issue there, but as I walk around the building there I don’t see the overcrowding that I saw at one point,” said Shepherd.

The new school would be at the receiving end of a cluster of six middle schools and elementary schools, serving all of Old Hickory and the majority of the Hermitage area. This would adjust McGavock's cluster to serve Donelson and the remaining part of Hermitage.

The last time the new school was formally proposed was back in 2012. The proposed school would be built at Rotary Park, which is between the Cumberland River and Old Hickory Boulevard.

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