NASHVILLE (WSMV) - If you're looking for a way to give back to others, several Nashville businesses want to help you do just that.

More than two dozen local businesses are choosing to use their proceeds to help people in our city and beyond.

One of those businesses is Thistle Farms, which is a restaurant and a store front.

Thistle Farms helps survivors recover from prostitution, human trafficking and addiction. Their CEO says 100 percent of the proceeds goes back to help these women.

"Get them access to a wonderful place to live for up to two years, to the healthcare that they need, the counseling, psychical health care, dental care, the social support that comes through groups, job training and the ability to heal financially," said Hal Cato, CEO of Thistle Farms.

News4 spoke with one of the women who is being impacted by the programs Thistle Farms offers.

"Being a woman that has been in addiction and incarceration and knowing that there is a way out and that there's people who care, it's a great feeling," said Angela Camarda, who is the kitchen manager. "We all know where we have been and where we don't want to go back to again."

Able, located in the Nations, helps women who have overcome hardships. Their goal is to put an end to generational poverty by providing economically stable jobs.

The business employs more than 80 women at their Nashville location, but they have dozens of others working across the world.

"Often times, jobs that we're creating here in Nashville and internationally, where our leather bags, clothes and shoes are made. There are women who might not have had opportunities otherwise. In Nashville, that's women overcoming things like addiction," said Amber Pietrobono, PR director for Able. "We want to make sure our workers have enough to meet their basic needs. Have enough for healthy food, safe housing, transportation, medical costs, a savings account, and that's really what your purchase is helping us do."

Several other local businesses that give back are:

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Alexandria Adams joined the News4 team as a reporter in October 2017.

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