Some Nashville bus riders say the city isn't doing enough to keep the transit system safe, and they've put together a list to make it better.

Music City Riders United released a series of report cards for bus routes around the city, grading their safety. They looked at proximity to homes, timeliness, maintenance and more to come up with results.

Not many graded well, and none of the routes received an A. In fact, the bus routes earned grades ranging from B to D+.

Two of the worst routes identified by riders include the Antioch Express Route 38X and the Golden Valley Route 41. Both of those routes service lower-income and predominantly black neighborhoods.

Conversely, the highest scoring routes serviced several of the wealthiest and predominantly white neighborhoods in Nashville, including the West End/Bellevue Route 5 which scored a B and the West End/White Bridge Route 3 which scored a C+.

The worst problems identified by riders included infrequent or no bus service on the weekend, hours of operation are too short, buses do not run early enough in the morning or late enough at night, insufficent benches and shelters along routes, and lack of crosswalks at or near bus stops.

You can view the full report card below:

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