Metro Animal Care and Control takes in more than 3,000 dogs each year from the Nashville area.

At any given time of year, they could have between 50 and 150 dogs at their facility off Harding Place in south Nashville.

They are an example of an organization that needs support from the community. Right now, they’re asking for volunteers who are willing to take one of their dogs on a day out.

"We have adopters that come here to the shelter, but we’re just one location in Nashville, so if we can get our dogs out in the community, they meet all new people that might be interested in adopting them," said Dr. Staci Cannon, the medical director at Metro Animal Care and Control.

Anyone can come out to the shelter and meet with an animal counselor, who will help them find a dog that matches specific interests and experience. Dogs are available to borrow for a few hours during the day or for an overnight vacation from the shelter, even a weekend excursion to see if adopting a dog is right for you.

Cannon says not only is it good for the dogs, but it helps the shelter gather more information about the animal to determine if they would be a better fit for a certain household.

"When they’re here in the shelter, we don’t necessarily get to find out if they’re house-trained, or if they get on the couch, or how they do around other children, or other dogs or cats," she says.

The program is called Bow Wow Breakout. It’s available at Metro Animal Care and Control. They’re open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. They have plenty of dogs that need a home or just a walk in the park. Click here for more information. Nationally, animal shelters can access this free toolkit to start their own similar program.

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