Sunday at around 2 a.m. a naked intruder burst into the home of well known sports radio host and writer Paul Kuharsky.
A chasing Brentwood police officer was just seconds behind.
Kuharsky shared the terrifying experience on his sports station 104.5 The Zone: "He charges her really more than me. He charges us anyway. She tazes him. He goes down. He's kicking like crazy flailing his arms."
Brentwood police chief Jeff Hughes even called into the show to talk about the traumatic experience.
"This ranks up there with some of the stranger things you would imagine happening," said Hughes.
Hughes said the home invasion was random-- just a 17-year-old out of his mind, high on drugs.
That teen is now charged with three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of simple assault, aggravated burglary, vandalism, indecent exposure, public intoxication, evading arrest, resisting a stop and curfew violation.
Kuharsky and his family are now focused on recovery.
"I don't wish it on anybody," said Kuharsky.
Meanwhile the takeaway lesson is this: no matter who you are, or where you live, even if you have an alarm that's on, "be sure to lock your damn door," said Kuharsky.
"Take those steps to make sure you are not an easy target to be victimized," said Hughes.
Kuharsky and his wife aren't mad at the teenager who charged into their home naked.
Instead, they posted on Facebook saying, "We hope and pray that the young man who entered our home and his family are afforded the same level of grace in their community and that their son is receiving the help he needs as well."

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009.

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