How many artists can say the Beatles opened for them, or, that they have the number one Christmas song thirty years running? One Nashville singer can claim that honor, Brenda Lee, who has called Nashville home since 1956.

Lee was, and still is full of energy. She was tagged with the 'little miss dynamite' label at the tender age of 12.

"The way I jump around, sweat, and holler, whatever it is I do, they dubbed me little miss dynamite," said Lee.

Her Nashville home is full of mementos, documenting a career people can only imagine. The gold records on the wall, tell the story of how many million sellers she has churned out since the 50's.

"Love You, Rocking Around, Tokyo One Time, All Alone Am I," said Lee. 

All of the songs were written by Nashville writers.

"Nashville has the best writers in the world." said Lee.

Lee has never forgotten the people, her legions of fans, who buy those records turning them into gold.

"But I truly am proud of this, that people spent their hard earned money to buy these records, never ceases to amaze me," said Lee.

One of the songs people continue to buy, most of us listen to during the holidays. For years now, its captured the top spot for the number one Christmas song, 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'.

It was recorded in 1956, but found new life when it was featured in a popular movie.

"I think putting it in Home Alone, opened up whole new world to people who never heard the song, it went nuts, and its been the number one Christmas song for a long time," said Lee.

Each of the pictures in her music room tell a story of her career, and the people she has met, like Elvis Presley in 1957.

"That was our first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, he sang 'That's all right Momma,' and 'Blue Moon of Kentucky,' and they old him to keep his day job," said Lee.

She also met a preteen Dolly Parton few people ever get to see.

"We've known each other a long time, still precious as she always was," said Lee.

To an autographed 1961 autographed picture of The Beatles who opened for Lee in England.

Then, there's that command performance for Queen Elizabeth. Just before the private audience with the Queen, Lee was without white gloves, she couldn't shake the queen's hands without them.

"So, my manager rushed out, he bought me a pair of those opera gloves...My arms were short, those gloves went up to my neck," laughed Lee.

Lee is one of the most genuine people you can meet. An iconic music star that has never lost focus of the people who made it all possible, her fans and her family who give her the love that sustains her.

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