Music and ice will come together in Music City next weekend to honor the life of talented songwriter and producer Mike Busbee. The event “Scott Hamilton And Friends” will have well-known skaters performing along with big names in the music industry in honor of Busbee while raising money for innovative cancer research

Jessie Busbee, Mike Busbee’s wife told News 4 she is appreciative they’re doing this in honor of her husband and adds its helped her realize how much of an impact her husband had on the Nashville community. The fact that the event raises money for cancer research means a little more to her.

“It’s been 2 years since he’s passed. I mean, I reflect daily on how we did life together and how we moved through life together and the decisions we made. We built a beautiful thing. Ultimately that’s what I live with,” Jessie Busbee said. “He passed 9 weeks and a day from his diagnosis. so, it’s been quite a journey,’ she added.

For Jessie and Mike Busbee, that life they did together involved three daughters and a booming music career. It all ended when Mike Busbee died from an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma in September of  2019.

“The only reason we found out is because he had a seizure and he had it the day we flew in from being in Cabo for the week celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Instead of driving home from LAX we went straight to the emergency room because he; we now know he was actually having a series of petite mal seizures. I thought possibly he was having a stroke, but I knew something was very wrong,” Jessie said. “We went to the Huntington hospital in Pasadena to their emergency room and ultimately within about 10 minutes of being there he had a grand mal seizure and we really didn’t know he had been sick at all,” she added.

Now, Jessie said she and her daughters are working through the grief process but are doing better. They Moved to Nashville about a year ago. “Losing someone is hard and there is no way around that and I’m just grateful to be in a town and a community where I have access to the resources that I do and the support that I do,” Jessie said. “I do feel like in my process being a part of this fundraiser with CARES and Scott and the team is part of my process. Is part of my healing journey,” she added.

The fundraiser Jessie referred to is the Scott Hamilton And Friends event featuring national, world and Olympic skaters performing along popular musicians.

“We are honoring Busbee who is an amazing producer and singer songwriter in the Nashville area. And is legendary,” Karri Morgan, the Executive Director of Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation said. It’s the foundation through which the event will be fundraising at the event. “And so we get to honor someone whose legacy supersedes himself and we’re going to raise money to honor Busbee and the work he has done in music. And we’re going to donate all the proceeds in his name,” Morgan added.

Morgan said cancer research is vital and they want to fund research for treatment options that target cancers specifically

“We want to fund treatment that is going to be real sniper focused versus grenade. Its very laser focused on treating the cancer and causing less harm to the patient,” Morgan with Scott Hamilton CARES said. “Our goal is to raise $1.25 million so we can fund breakthrough research. Glioblastoma is a very underfunded brain tumor. And because its very aggressive, out of all the cancers, only 2% goes to glioblastoma and we want to shatter that and we want to fund the science so we can get better help them so we can celebrate survivors,” she added.

What Scott Hamilton CARES is doing with fundraising for cancer research and other cancer therapies is something Jessie Busbee hopes gives more time to other families like hers.

“I will say if I had a chance to do it over again, knowing how fast he deteriorated and ultimately passed, that I may have done some alternative researching. Alternative treatment researching. Rather than succumbing his body to the aggressive radiation and chemotherapy and not to mention all of the other drugs he was on in the midst of that,” Jessie Busbee said. “I ultimately really just think that we probably could have experienced more time with him, had we not done the extremely aggressive treatments,” she added.

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