Thankful doesn't begin to describe how Lisa Stewart felt on Monday.
Her husband was on the way with a spare set of car keys after she locked herself out, but he never made it.
"She's guiding me while I was on the phone and I was walking pretty fast because I was trying to get to her as soon as I could," Ronald Stewart, her husband said.
He was on the way to the Walmart on Rutherford Boulevard in Murfreesboro on Friday.
About a half mile away, he slipped and fell on black ice knocking himself unconscious.
His wife frantically called the Murfreesboro Police Department after she didn't hear from him.
"I think we both kind of realized how quickly we needed to find him before this went from a search and rescue to recovery mission," Officer Jeffrey Pulford with the Murfreesboro Police Department said.
Officers Benjamin Leibach and Jeffrey Pulford split up looking for Stewart. 
Leibach found him on the side of Mercury Boulevard near Dill Lane using a spotlight.
"Grateful that they did because it was pretty cold that night," Stewart said.
He ended up with a sprained ankle. It's a small price to pay for a situation that could've turned deadly.
"This is a job well done. These are people that you deserve in your community. This is what makes living in Murfreesboro so great," Lisa Stewart said.
Lisa posted on Facebook about the officers coming to her rescue calling them her angels. They wrote back saying they were blessed to help.
"It makes us feel good. It makes us feel like the job that we're doing is worth it," Officer Benjamin Leibach with the Murfreesboro Police Department said.
On Friday, the Stewarts were also in the process of moving.
Once they're settled, they plan on inviting the officers over for dinner as another way to say thank you.

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