Juneteenth Celebration 2021

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Music City has multiple events planned in celebration of Juneteenth next week. On June 14th through the 19th, over 20 celebrations and events are planned to recognize the monumental moment of freedom in our nation's history.

All across Nashville, a variety of events are popping up next week including live music, black business expos, food trucks, comedy, and more. 

News4's Caresse Jackman spoke with the marketer of the event, Monchiere Holmes-Jones about what Nashvillians can expect during the city-wide celebration.

"Nashville’s hosting their largest Juneteenth this year," Home-Jones said. "Over 20 plus events, I think we’re up to almost 25 events happening across the city. 

Holmes-Jones told News4 that freedom is an easy reason for people to come together and many businesses have decided to partner up this year instead of celebrating individually. 

"Event planners from around the city, who have planned events in the past, have now said, you know what, let’s get together and do it BIG and invite everybody! Cause freedom is for everybody!"

Juneteenth (short for June 19th) is a holiday recognized by Americans as a day of freedom for the then remaining slaves in the United States. While the event celebrates the freedom of slavery,  Holmes-Jomes encourages everyone to come out and have a fun time.

"There’s a poster going around, not just showing African American people, but it shows people from other races. Asian, White. Cause guess what, we want everybody to celebrate freedom."

Anyone interested in celebrating can find the full list of events online.

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