Mothers, children work side-by-side at Jack Daniel’s

Mothers and childrens work side-by-side at Jack Daniel's Distillery. (WSMV)

Mother’s Day is an extra special day for the moms, daughters and sons that work at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has been around more than 150 years.

Charcoal, hard sugar maple and charred oak barrels are part of the recipe that gives it that unique taste.

The one ingredient you never hear about is all of the moms.

Jack gets all the credit for the whiskey that rolls down the line from the Tennessee hills. It’s actually the Janets and Julies who do a lot of the work, or in this case Becky and Brandy.

“She’s just a great mom, always there willing to hang out. She’s just great,” said Brandy.

“Oh sure, I keep her in line. If she gets out of line, I say get back to your job,” said Becky.

While they have never officials counted, mothers, their daughters and sons keep things running smoothly at Jack Daniel’s. In a place where smooth means everything, 40 or so mothers work here with their babies.

“Every day, side-by-side working together, and that’s a good thing. It’s a very good thing,” said Pam. “It’s a privilege to do this.”

Pam, with daughter Laura, are on quality control, making sure the bottle lives up to the standards of what’s put in it.

Fast-paced, no blinking and no Lucy on the line disasters.

“Yes, I have to keep her on her toes,” said Laura.

On this Mother’s Day, raise your glass to the moms of Jack Daniel’s.

Thousands of bottles come off the line every day, so keeping up is just part of the job.

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