It's a mystery illness plaguing women of Middle Tennessee, many of whom are complaining of dizziness, trouble focusing, and losing balance.

“All of a sudden I was feeling really light headed I was feeling hot and warm and everything around me was just falling away,” says Sara Wigal, a publicist in East Nashville.

Worried about diabetes, blood pressure problems or something more serious, she went to the doctor who diagnosed her with vertigo.

It’s a condition of the inner ear where particles fall out of place. It results in symptoms like the room spinning, losing your balance, and lightheadedness.

“A bunch of people started coming out of the woodwork saying they had it in the past, and it was mostly women in their late 20s or older,” Wigal says.

Dr. James Dedmon is a chiropractor who says he sees mostly women come into his office with diagnoses of vertigo.

“It is more prevalent in females. We don’t really know why.” Dedmon says. However, he does have a cure. It’s a procedure called a half somersault. It’s essentially a yoga-like exercise meant to move the particles in the inner ear back into place.

Wigal says staying hydrated and natural remedies worked best for her. She says she was surprised to learn how many women in her own circle had the same diagnosis.

She says, “I found out about all these women in my life who had vertigo and seems like we were suffering somewhat silently.”

Dr. Dedmon recommends doing the exercise twice a day for two weeks in many cases to see symptom relief.

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