More than 60 volunteers came out Saturday during a search for missing Houston County man Leamon Luffman.

"If something happened to me or family, it'd be nice if you knew that there were that many people out looking for you," said neighbor Cass Rye.

Cutting through thick brush and carefully climbing hills, volunteers shared a new urgency in the search for 65-year-old Luffman. He has been missing for nearly a week.

"The family's at the point they just want some kind of closure," said Lt. Brian Hooper of the Houston County Sheriff's Department. "Of course, they want Mr. Luffman found, but the unknown is very emotional for the family."

According to the Houston County Sheriff's Department, Luffman was last seen by his wife Sunday night at their Bateman Branch Road home. Monday morning, a pot of coffee was brewing, a rose was on the counter and Luffman was nowhere to be found. His vehicle had not moved from the drive-way.

"We don't have any evidence to show this is foul play," said Hooper. "There's no evidence to show Mr. Luffman was forced from his home."

Ten K-9 teams took part in the search Saturday, equipping GPS systems in the dogs' collars. The plan is to check those collars at the end of the search to make sure the entire grid around Luffman's home has been covered.

Hooper added if Saturday's search doesn't offer any new clues, the searches near Luffman's house will be over for now. Officials will regroup with Luffman's family to decide how to approach the case next.

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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