More teachers being fired over social media posts


More teachers are being fired over social media posts than ever before, according to Nashville Attorney Samuel L. Jackson, who practices education law.

In Texas, a teacher accidentally sent text messages complaining about a child to the child's mother, calling the boy a profane name. That child is autistic.

“We’ve all sent a text to someone we didn't mean to and we've either had to apologize or laugh about it. But it becomes particularly bad when you send it to a student you're complaining about or a parent,” Jackson said.

Jackson says the problem is generational.

“You’ve got a new group of teachers that are coming into school grew up with text messaging. It's a way they communicate. It's a way they are comfortable communicating,” he said.

Jackson says group texts to students are fine. It's a great way to share assignments and practice schedules, but he advises teacher never to send an individual message.

“You don't want to have those one on one conversations via text because you'll never know how they will be interpreted,” Jackson said.

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