CLARKSVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Taco Bell employee is being hailed as a hero after saving a man’s life after he passed out in the drive-thru line.

Sonja Frazier was in the right place at the right time when she noticed something wrong. She performed CPR on the man who had passed out in the drive-thru line until first responders arrived at the restaurant.

“I think that’s the closest I’ve been though to an actual life and death situation,” Frazier said.

Frazier usually works the night shift at this Taco Bell, but last Wednesday she arrived a few hours early.

“This particular day, my boss asked me to come in to help her do some things,” she explained.

About 40 minutes into her workday, Frazier and her coworkers noticed the drive-thru was backed up. That’s when they saw a man passed out in his car.

“That’s when I tried to find a pulse because I noticed when we got him out, his ears, lips, fingertips, everything was blue,” she said.

Frazier worked in healthcare more than a decade ago. She pulled the man into the parking lot and performed CPR for several minutes until first responders arrived.

When he finally grabbed onto one of the fireman’s arms, Frazier said she “went and smoked a cigarette and cried like a baby.”

Frazier said she found the man on Facebook.

“He reached out to me and told me he was OK and that I saved his life, and he didn’t know how to repay me, and I told him that was payment enough, to know that he was OK,” said Frazier.

While he regains his strength, Frazier’s attitude towards life has changed forever.

“We’re placed in certain situations for a reason,” she said. “I do believe I was there for a reason.

Frazier said this was actually her third time having to do CPR at work and recommends that people get certified so they can one day help someone like she did.


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