CLARKSVILLE, TN (WSMV) - “She was 10-foot tall and bullet proof.”

That’s how a former Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy is being remembered after she was killed in the line of duty in Hawaii on Sunday.

Tiffany Enriquez’s loss is making waves across the country. Her former Midstate coworkers raved about her legacy.

Beyond the badge, their bond with Enriquez had transcontinental reach.

“When I think of Tiffany, I think of her smile,” said Sgt. Thomasa Munroe.

They worked with Enriquez three years and her impact has lasted.

“She was crazy, but her smile just lit up a room,” said Munroe.

“She was such a happy, energetic, just very inspiring and uplifting kind of person,” Deputy Jaci Summerville said. “She was always laughing and having a good time, but she was very passionate about her job.”

The pair said they kept in close contact with Enriquez and her remaining family in Clarksville as she took a job with the Honolulu Police Department. On Sunday the news came she was shot in the line of duty.

“It’s just kind of been in shock,” said Summerville.

“We see constant attacks on law enforcement every day, but for it to his so close to home, it’s eye-opening,” said Munroe.

They will remember her contagious laugh and her tough-as-nails attitude.

“As you can see, she’s a pretty small stature girl. No, she was 10-foot-tall and bullet proof,” Munroe said. “She liked to be in the thick of it. She liked the excitement.”

They’ll remember the way she wore the badge proudly, no matter the danger.

“That’s where she wanted to be and that she was willing to give that,” Summerville said.

“That’s a choice we make. She wouldn’t choose any other way,” Munroe said.

Enriquez’s brother and sister-in-law, Paul and Theresa Bilon, still live in Clarksville. They sent News4 the following statement:

“Tiffany found her calling when she started working at the MCSO. She worked a busy shift where all the excitement happened. That’s how she liked to live her life: with excitement. There was never a dull moment being around her. If she wasn’t making you laugh, she was uplifting you up if you were down. It was natural for her to be a protector. She was very protective with her family [and] anyone she loved. We weren’t surprised when she joined HPD to protect her community and defend others. She left the world doing what she truly loved. She knew the risks, we all know the risks that come with the job. My sister’s legacy will stay alive through her family, friends, and anyone whose life she inspired.”

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