Midstate woman talks about horrific domestic abuse attack

Lindsey Arp

Lindsey Arp thought she was in a good relationship with her boyfriend Ryan Haase. The two were together four years, they had two children together.

Six months into the relationship Haase began to show a dark side.

"It was at the point where he would control my clothes, hide my keys if I wanted to see my father. He would call at my work place to check up on me. I wasn't allowed to have a cell phone," said Arp.

Control over her soon gave way to physical abuse. Arp told Channel 4 News, Haase began to slap her hard, she documented the abuse with pictures.

Then it unraveled on the night of April 11.

"I went to bed around 10 o'clock. At 2:30, I was attacked with boiling oil," said Arp.

Haase had boiled the oil in a pan in the kitchen, then calmly walked upstairs where Arp was sleeping.

"Thirty two steps from my kitchen to my bedroom. He had to purposely walk up to douse the hot oil on me," said Arp.

The hot oil disfigured Arp's face, neck and arms. It also left her partially paralyzed.

Arp said she felt trapped in the relationship, she didn't know how to get out. She feels her story can help others caught in an abusive relationship.

"There is a way out, there is help out there. I don't want anyone else to think they are trapped, male or female," said Arp.

Haase was convicted of attempted first-degree murder. He was given the maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

At some point Haase will be eligible for parole. Arp told Channel 4 News she will be at every hearing to make sure he isn't released.

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