A Mt. Juliet woman has been searching for her missing Shih Tzu-Poodle mix, Dallas, since August. Now she believes someone is holding her dog for ransom. 

Kay Moore says her dog went missing after her roommate let Dallas outside and she never came back.

"She'd go do her business and come right back in the house. She was never one to wander around and run away, so that's why I think someone picked her up," said Moore. 

Moore posted about 100 signs in Mt. Juliet and Hermitage offering a reward. She also posted on Facebook and included her phone number. 

She believes someone got her number from one social media or the posters and is now using it to scam her or take advantage of her. 

"Only a sick person would prey on someone who is going through something like that," Moore said. 

Moore received a text message from an unknown number that read: "I have your dog. I want $1,000 cash. If you call the law you will never see her again."

When Moore asked for proof the person actually had her dog, the person replied that the dog likes to do some sort of dance and refused to send any pictures. The texter also threatened to sell the dog within 24 hours if Moore didn't pay the $1,000.

"Only people I know or who has been around Dallas knows of the little dance that she does so that kind of threw me off when they said that," said Moore. On one hand I do think maybe they have her and are trying to get this money, but then why wouldn't you send me proof if you do... so maybe it's a scam."

News4 called the number and got a voicemail. Just one minute later, the person texted back saying "I already sold it."

Moore says several people who work with local animal rescue shelters told her this happens more often than we think. 

"I have to think how many people are they doing this to before they actually get someone who does that and I'm just trying to prevent that if that's the case," said Moore.

Whether this is a scam or not, Moore plans to report this to the police. 

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Kim St. Onge joined the News4 team as a reporter in January 2017.

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