Midstate man banned from YMCA over Instagram picture


A Midstate man said he was banned indefinitely from the YMCA after posting a picture on his personal Instagram account.

Frank Aleman is seen posing with his friend in the downtown Nashville YMCA locker room. The YMCA does not allow cameras in the locker room for privacy reasons. Aleman believes the real reason he's banned is that he's gay.

"They say that I was a threat to their children because the post was inappropriate, which I'm very confused because it's an 18 and up locker room where people walk around naked all the time. No children should be in there anyway," said Aleman. "I understand they do have their no cell phone policies, but plenty of other people take pictures in the YMCA and post them online."

Aleman's friend is grabbing himself in the picture.

"I understand it was posted on my personal page on Instagram, but whatever he does, it has nothing to do with me. I didn't do anything inappropriate," said Aleman.

According to Aleman, his friend was also banned indefinitely.

The YMCA of Middle Tennessee sent News4 the following statement: "Our policies regarding locker room behavior and camera use are very clearly stated on posted rules signs and exist to ensure the safety and comfort of all members who use the facilities. Unfortunately, it seems that even the private spaces our policies exist to protect may sometimes be selected as the background for a selfie - of a suggestive nature or otherwise. As such, we continue to evaluate our social media monitoring practices and will strive to take the appropriate action whenever we observe or learn of inappropriate behavior or activity that violates our policies."Copyright 2018 WSMV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.


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