NASHVILLE (WSMV) -  Some Metro teachers and school employees told News 4 they want to make sure they are vaccinated and will travel hours to welcome students back.

On Tuesday, elementary students from pre-k to fourth grade went back to the classroom as Metro schools continue their phase-in process.

Metro School teachers and staff will start receiving their COVID-19 vaccine on Feb. 20. But Dr. Bryson McGuire, Dean of Students at Dupont-Hadley Middle School, says they will welcome students back before then.

“I think I was on the waiting list for six counties in the state of Tennessee,” Dr. McGuire said. 

McGuire said he got his vaccine in Putnam County. Since Davidson County isn’t in phase 1B – where teachers receive their vaccination – McGuire said he went to Putnam, a county in the 1B phase.

“It was so wrapped around, like I was the first car on the highway, and they were all backed up. And I think when I pulled up, about 40 other cars pulled up behind me,” McGuire said.

After a one hour drive each way and a three-hour wait in line, McGuire said the 10-second shot was a sense of relief.

“Regardless if it was Davidson County, if it was Putnam County, if I had to travel home to Kentucky, I was still grateful for the opportunity to be vaccinated,” McGuire said.

McGuire says about five other teachers and staff at Dupont-Hadley also crossed county lines to receive their vaccination.

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