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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A review by the News4 I-Team of an internal TBI investigation into the Oct. 5, 2018, hostage situation reveals a Metro Police officer was not shot by a known criminal, but rather in friendly fire from his own officers.

The investigation further bolsters by Metro Police sent out a harshly worded news release on Feb 11 about disciplinary actions on three North Precinct supervisors, describing their handling of the hostage situation as “poor decision making and (a) failure to carry out their leadership roles.”

However, that news release did not address how officer Samuel Galluzzi was shot.

The News4 I-Team obtained the independent TBI investigation that included never-before-seen surveillance video and sketches by officers on the scene that show what happened.

On Oct. 5, 2018, Galluzi and other officers were on the scene of a hostage situation, in which 30-year-old Sershawn Dillon, 30, had three women inside an apartment at Cumberland Pointe apartments on 2400 Buena Vista Pike.

Dillon was believed to have assaulted a woman in a common area and entered a stranger’s apartment with the women inside.

The TBI investigation included an interview with Galluzi, who said he contacted a supervisor to express his concern that SWAT should be called in.

Detective Zachary Ronan, who was also called to the scene, stated in his interview, “I was thinking his was a SWAT call out and there was too much unknown and we were not equipped for this.”

Galluzi said despite their concerns, Lt. Viviyonne Lee took the key to the apartment and said, “If y’all aren’t going to something, then I will.”

Lee said in her own interview that she was concerned about the welfare of the women inside.

Sketches from the TBI investigation found that four officers gathered on one side of the door, and Galluzi moved to stand on the other side of the door, standing partially under a stairwell.

The officer described that after Lee knocked on the door, Dillon came out and shot a single time at the officers and took off running.

In his TBI interview, Galluzzi described as soon as he heard the shot, he began to run in the opposite direction.

“I ran down the breezeway because I knew I would be in the crossfire,” Galluzzi said.

Galluzzi then described hearing the shots from the fellow officers and hearing his leg snap, not realizing he got shot.

Dillon was shot as well and later died.

The TBI investigation also included the initial investigative supplement from Metro Police, that included their preliminary investigation after the shooting that showed that Galluzi was shot by Dillon.

However, the ballistic findings from the FBI showed that Dillon only shot a single time leaving the apartment, and his bullet was recovered on the scene.

Galluzi still has a single bullet in this thigh, and was shot through his ankle, but again, only after he heard his fellow officers shoot.

A spokesman for Metro Police said they could not comment on the case as some of the officers who were disciplined are appealing.

But the departments news release on Feb 11 stated, “…if the supervisors had used all of the information that was available to them on the night of Oct. 5, the wounding of Galluzzi might have been avoided.”

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