Metro Police Officer Bradly Nave was already on the side of I-65 stopping speeders when he said he saw a driver break the "move over" law.

"So, I conducted a traffic stop on that car," said Nave.

With two women in the back seat, Nave thought he was dealing with a Lyft or Uber driver. Then his police instincts kicked in.

"When I started to ask him a more questions about what was going on, he started to act nervous and he started to show some signs that he might be impaired," said Nave.

MUG - Milian Tesfoy - 5/13/19

Milian Tesfoy was arrested on charges of DUI and resisting arrest by Metro Police. (Photo: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Eventually Milian Tesfoy admitted he didn’t work for Uber at all, accoding to Nave. The officer said he'd driven the women in the wrong direction. The car they were in didn't match the car listed on the app.

Nave said he has no idea what Tesfoy did and didn't have planned.

"It's the big unknown. He could have had it it in his mind to assault them and hurt them. He could have had it in his mind to steal their money. He could have just had it in his mind to give them a ride home, but being intoxicated, he wasn't in a safe position to do that," said Nave.

By now you know to check the apps to make sure your ride share car is the right make and model. You know to make sure the driver knows your name.

Nave suggested taking it a step further.

"Make up a name and make up a fake name.  Ask the driver if they're that person, and if they say 'yes,' well then you know that's not the car you're supposed to be in because they're thinking you're asking the correct name," said Nave.

Tesfoy was charged with DUI and resisting arrest.

At last check, he did not yet have an attorney.

There is no charge for “lying about being a ride share driver.”

Police said that's something lawmakers should consider in the future.

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009. Carley currently covers the crime beat around Middle Tennessee.

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