NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Metro Council is considering legislation that would for drivers to slow down in neighborhoods.

The “Speed Limit Reduction proposal” would reduce speed limits across the county.

The goal is to make neighborhood roads safer around Davidson County.

Metro Public Works unveiled its proposals to make that happen at a meeting on Monday night.

One proposal was a traffic calming program and the other was the speed limit proposal.

Metro Council wants to know the impact of those programs, the costs and how long it would take to implement.

“The default speed limit now on residential streets around Davidson County is 30 mph. In our proposal is to lower that within the urban services district on residential local streets to 25 mph,” said Jeff Hammond, Assistant Director, Metro Public Works.

The reduced speed limit would be just part of a larger comprehensive plan to make the city safer for everyone, including people walking and biking.

Councilman Fabian Bedne said speeding around neighborhoods is symptoms of a bigger problem that the city needs to create a system where people feel safe getting around.

“If you say the speed limit is 20, people go 35. If you say the speed limit is 45, people will go 50,” said Bedne. “I think we need to have slower moving vehicles.”

The idea would be to set a “new normal” around the county, and maybe even add speed bumps and traffic circles to slow people down.

The new plan would only effect neighborhood streets where the speed limit is currently 30 mph.

The plan is a long way from implementation. Metro Council wants to hear what people think of the plans.

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Lauren Lowrey joined News4 as an anchor in December 2018.

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