Angus the bull looks perfectly normal at first glance, but get closer and you'll see the two extra legs that set him apart.

"There's an extra tail in between them. I'm actually holding them. There's one hoof on this leg right here and two hooves on this side," said owner Dale Grandstaff, a TWRA officer and animal lover.  

Grandstaff bought the bull in Clarksville.

He said the original owner wanted to have the extra limbs removed.

"I mean, they move a little bit, but they are pretty solid, so I'm assuming they're attached to the spine," said Grandstaff. 

Angus can definitely feel them, though they don't seem to bother him.

In fact, he's one and a half years old, growing strong and seems healthy in every way.

"And he's just gotten to the point over the past two or three months where he'll let me pet him like this, touch him," said Grandstaff. 

It's unclear whether Grandstaff has a knack for finding odd creatures or if they have the knack for finding him because eight years ago we interviewed Grandstaff when he stumbled across a two-headed snake.

"I've been doing this for 13 years and been in the woods my whole life, you know nearly 40 years, and I've never seen anything like this," said Grandstaff in 2011. 

Grandstaff doesn't do it for the attention.

For the most part Angus just hangs out on the farm blissfully unaware that he stands out from the crowd.

Grandstaff just thinks Angus is kinda cool and that it's our differences that make us cooler.

"It's just something definitely unique and unusual that you don't see every day," said Grandstaff.  

Angus is for sale, but only to the right owner.

Grandstaff said he doesn't want someone who will use him for meat.

Instead, he wants someone who will treat him like the unique family pet he's become.

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009. Carley currently covers the crime beat around Middle Tennessee.

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