McNair's mother hires controversial private investigator


A former Metro Police officer has been hired by Lucille McNair to investigate her son's murder, the Channel 4 I-Team has learned.

Vincent Hill, who left the Metro Police Department in 2006, is now a licensed private investigator.

Even before he was hired by Lucille McNair, Hill was a frequent critic of the Metro Police investigation into Steve McNair's death.

Hill also a wrote a book containing his criticisms about the McNair investigation, but it was not a big seller. He said he was not taking the case in order to sell more books.

"The book was never about the money," Hill said.

Hill said he only charged Lucille McNair $1 to retain his services.

"If it was about the money, I would assume, any other private investigator would ask Lucille McNair for quite a bit more money than one dollar," Hill said.

Hill has already sent a list of detailed questions to Metro Police and wants to interview all the lead detectives.

Hill also went before a grand jury to try and get the case reopened, but was unsuccessful.

In a news conference last year, Sgt. Pat Postiglione responded to Hill's criticisms.

"He (Hill) brought innuendo, speculation, gossip. He brought everything but the evidence," Postiglione said.

"Any time a case of this magnitude is questioned or challenged, of course they are trying to speak out against anyone trying to discredit that," Hill said.

A spokesman for the Metro Police Department said they have already given Hill everything that is public record from their investigative file.

That spokesman said in 2011 that Sgt. Postiglione offered to go to Mississippi to meet with Lucille McNair to try and give her some sort of closure, but that meeting never happened.

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Chief Investigative Reporter

Jeremy Finley is the News4 I-Team's Chief Investigative Reporter. He has won multiple Midsouth Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Awards.

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