NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Mayor Cooper and other Metro administrators got a tour of where the new Oracle site may go if their proposal is approved by the city. While Mayor Cooper says he hopes to develop along the river in years to come, the Cumberland River is prone to flooding right where Oracle plans to build. He says that’s something developers will have to consider when they invest $175 million on the new campus.

Not only does the Cumberland River run through the center of Nashville, it’s also a central location for Jeremy Farley and his Cowan Street countertop store. It’s a location they’ve set in stone because of its big slab of warehouse space.

“To be honest we wouldn’t want to leave,” says Farley. “If they’re doing some massive construction right there, we are going to be impacted. At some point in time it is going to hard for a customer to get to me.”

Farley says that point in time is more than a year away. That’s when Oracle could start to make the area across the street from his business their new campus.

“This is not a choice between development or no development,” says Mayor Cooper on Friday. “We’ve never done with the Cumberland what we have and what we should and turning it into an asset for our full community.”

While the stream of the Cumberland has its beauty, it also has flooding flaws.

“This is not a simple river,” says Cooper. “And they would not be making a billion-dollar investment if they thought they were going to be vulnerable.”

Mayor Cooper says the $175-million dollars will be used to build the campus across from Farley’s business with flooding in mind.

“I don’t care if Oracle moves in,” says Farley. “I don’t care if the Atlanta Braves build a stadium right next to it, it doesn’t bother me. We are going to do whatever benefits us.”


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