Rose McCall 5/6/20

Rose McCall was found dead along the side of Saturn Parkway in Spring Hill in 1991. (Photo: District Attorney General Brent Cooper)

SPRING HILL, TN (WSMV) - Authorities have arrested an Iowa man in connection with the 1991 murder of Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall in Spring Hill, District Attorney Brent Cooper announced on Wednesday.

MUG - Clark Perry Baldwin - 5/6/20

Clark Perry Baldwin has been charged with two charges of first-degree murder in connection with the 1991 death of Rose McCall in Spring Hill. (Photo: Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office)


Cooper said Clark Perry Baldwin, 59, a former truck driver who now lives in Waterloo, IA, was identified as the suspect in the murder of McCall and two homicides in Wyoming. McCall was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of McCall and her unborn baby.

"I would like to thank the Spring Hill Police Department for never forgetting about Rose McCall, and all of the investigators and agencies that have assisted in bringing this serial killer to justice," said Cooper in a news release. "I am also very happy to be able to give Rose McCall's mother a chance to see justice for her daughter's and grandmother's murders. As she put it in a recent phone call, 'At least I have a grave to visit, some Mom's don't even have that.' Now, thankful, she has more than a grave to visit."

McCall was killed on March 10, 1991. Spring Hill Police responded to a call that day around 12:30 p.m. about a body located on Saturn Parkway at the off ramp for Port Royal Road. The deceased white female was located at the wood line approximately 100 feet from Saturn Parkway adjacent to the westbound lane. The body, later identified as McCall, 33, of Topping, VA, had torn clothing, undergarments and obvious injuries to the face and neck.

Evidence and witness statements indicated McCall may have been traveling with a semi truck driver at the time of her death. An autopsy revealed that she had been killed by strangulation and that she was 24 weeks pregnant at the time of her death. The unborn child was also deceased.

Investigators submitted evidence recovered in 1991 to the TBI Crime Laboratory for DNA analysis. That analysis resulted in the development of a full DNA profile of a white male. After the sample was submitted to the CODIS DNA database, it resulted in a mtch to DNA recovered at two unsolved homicides in Wyoming in March and April of 1992. Both of those homicides were similar in nature to McCall's with a truck driver possibly being the suspect.

Within the last two to three months, investigators were able to retrieve items from Iowa that contained possible DNA samples from Baldwin. Subsequent analysis established that the DNA left at all three murder scenes was that of Baldwin.

Baldwin was arrested at his Iowa home. He will be expedited to Tennessee. He was also charged with two murders in Wyoming and will face those charges after those in Tennessee are resolved.

"My office will always attempt to bring those to justice who have taken innocent life, no matter how long it's been since the crime," said Cooper.

Since 2014, the DA's office has tasked its criminal investigators with investigating unsolved homicides in the 22nd Judicial District. Since that time, five cold case homicides have been solved, resulting in indictments against five individuals. Two remain pending and three have resulted in convictions.


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