Maury constable faces sexual battery accusations


An elected official is under investigation for sexual assault in Maury County. Constable Steve Mangrum was elected in August 2006, then re-elected in 2010, and is the owner of a security guard company called Tri-State Security.

Now, an employee there is making some very serious accusations against Mangrum.

Police won't get specific, but they did confirm they're investigating Mangrum for a complaint of sexual battery against one of his female employees.Despite the investigation, Mangrum is still on the job.

He has blue lights, carries a badge and a gun and primarily serves papers for the Maury County sheriff's office.

When we asked why he was still working, a representative for the election commission told us in a statement "When a person is elected to office they continue to serve until they die, resign, do not seek re-election or are removed from office for misconduct. When a person is convicted of crimes that are deemed inappropriate with holding the elected office, the process of removal would be initiated by the attorney general."Channel 4 spoke to Mangrum on the phone and he didn't want to comment.Jerry Dickey, a county commissioner who is also a former special agent with the Tennessee Highway Patrol was quick to defend the man who is now facing some very serious questions.

"I've seen him in church and he's just an upstanding person to me and I've been in law enforcement all my life and I know, or at least I think I know a person and it just shocks me to hear that," said Dickey

The investigation began on Thursday. Police have interviewed Mangrum and some of his employees.

They did not arrest Mangrum or charge him with anything.

Police said they do not know how long their investigation will take.

Mangrum's security business has an A+ rating listed with the Better Business Bureau. The bureau also says it has not received any complaints about his company.

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009.

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