Man beaten by Humphreys deputies released


Darrin Ring has sat in jail since January charged with aggravated assault on police officers and resisting arrest outside of Waverly.

However, that all changed after Public Defender Jake Lockert contacted District Attorney Dan Alsobrooks.

First, the D.A. requested an independent investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

"Once we actually reviewed the police in-car video, it raised enough questions to order a full investigation," said Alsobrooks. "We don't want to rush to judgment, but we did want to release Mr. Ring pending the investigation."

The video, which is getting national attention, shows an apparently intoxicated Ring wrestled to the ground and beaten and Tasered and kicked intermittently for more than 10 minutes.

Ring suffered four broken ribs and a punctured lung during the beating. The Humphreys County sheriff released a brief statement.

"The video is a two-dimensional depiction of the events on January 23, 2011. It was in the dark and large movements of the deputies are seen. We welcome the T.B.I. to investigate the actions and events of that night. We feel our deputies will be shown to have conducted themselves as trained when all the facts come out. This should be resolved through the investigation and subsequently in a court of law if needed. Any further statement at this time would be careless given the nature of the investigation."

Ring has been in frequent trouble in Humphreys County. He has been arrested for walking into another man's home while intoxicated, DUI and for trying to stop traffic while intoxicated.

Humphreys County deputies once got a call that a werewolf was chasing cars. It turned out to be Ring.

However, Lockert said a criminal record does not excuse what happened outside of Waverly in January.

"There's no excuse whatsoever for this unlawful arrest and savage beating," said Lockert. "I don't mind saying all of the officers involved need to be decertified."