Man arrested in restricted area of Nashville airport


Airport police arrested a man Sunday morning who is accused of breaking into a restricted area of the Nashville International Airport and boarding a plane.

Passengers were never in any danger, but what the man did could keep him grounded, behind bars, for quite some time.

According to the Nashville International Police Airport Police Department affidavit, American Airlines employees discovered Ram Porat on board a plane at Gate C-19.

Police said Porat climbed a fence to get into the restricted area. When asked why he was on the plane, Porat replied saying, "I own the world."

When officers asked why he hopped the fence to get there, Porat apparently told them, "It was something I wanted to do and an obstacle I wanted to overcome."

"At no time did the suspect enter the secured areas of the terminal building," said airport spokesman Javier Solano.

Porat is charged with vandalism and trespassing.

"I think it's sad, but I think it's going to happen," said airport visitor Lesa Niceley.

Several cars sat out front of Porat's home in Antioch on Tuesday, but nobody answered the door.

Neighbors seemed shocked to hear what happened.

"I think he's in trouble. I think he's in trouble somehow," said neighbor Judy Reeves. "He's probably into something. He could hurt somebody."

Porat's Facebook page gives additional clues into his actions. Not only did he post a link to a story about the airport break-in, but he also commented, "All for my baby girl."

A friend also commented to warn Porat about his decisions, "I just hope you'll come to your senses before becoming a crack-head or being locked up until you're 50."

Niceley said punishment is a priority. If the story is true, she wants assurance it won't happen again.

"What's going to change his mindset? He's still going to have the same feeling that he owns the world," she said.

American Airlines has not commented on the case.

Porat is out on bond and will be in court next week. He also faces DUI and drug charges from a separate run-in with police last week.

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