A Tullahoma man admitted to raping his now ex-wife in a jail interview with News4 Investigates.

Alden House is charged with four counts of rape. His arrest follows evidence presented to Tullahoma police and the district attorney by House's ex-wife, Stephanie McGee.

McGee saved screenshots of House admitting to raping her that he sent to her as well as another friend.

"He at no point ever denied it. Ever. Day one. Which was bewildering to me that nobody did anything," McGee said.

McGee brought the texts to Tullahoma police more than a year ago. After growing frustrated that no action had been taken, she then directly messaged district attorney Craig Northcutt on his Facebook page.

"There had to be some kind of consequence," McGee said.

McGee also came to News4 Investigates with the text messages. News4 Investigates waited until House was indicted and arrested to reach out to him in jail for her safety.

"The first question I need to ask you is - did you rape your wife?" asked News4 Investigates.

"Yes," House said.

"I want to make sure I understood you. Did you say yes?" asked News4 Investigates. 

"Yes, I raped my wife," House said.

"Why are you admitting to this?" asked News4 Investigates.

"I did something wrong. Part of accepting responsibility is admitting what you did wrong, isn't it?" said House.

"When you enter into a marriage, it is a partnership. And I wonder why you ever thought it would be ok to do this violent act against your wife," asked News4 Investigates.

"I still don't understand myself why it happened," House said.

News4 Investigates asked for an interview with Tullahoma police, asking why it took so long to arrest House with the evidence provided by McGee.

Winston Brooks, a spokesman for the police department, declined but wrote in an email, "This case is still under investigation, and we have no comment. But it is ongoing, and there are some developments."

McGee said the texts and confession are proof she was telling the truth, but she isn't satisfied yet.

"As long as he's convicted, I will feel like I've gotten justice," he said.

McGee credits Northcutt for taking quick action on her case. Still, Northcutt tells News4 Investigates that Tullahoma police were active partners on this investigation.

House and McGee do have children together. McGee said when he was arrested, he told their oldest daughter by phone that he had hurt her mother and needed to be punished for it.

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