Man accused of preying on single mothers

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Detectives say a Middle Tennessee man is being accused of preying on single mothers, following them at work and sending them what some women call creepy messages on Facebook.

Luther Gregory has a 12-page-long rap sheet with numerous charges that range from harassment to domestic violence and child abuse.

While there is currently no open investigation on Gregory, deputies say they want women to be vigilant.

One woman, who does not want to be identified, put up a post on the Hip Gallatin Facebook page, asking if anyone had been contacted by Luther Gregory.

This, after she had gotten a message from him, promising to fix her car in exchange for kissing and touching.

“I had over 50 messages probably within 15-20 minutes,” said the woman.

She says they were all similar stories.

Another woman said he messaged her “How good are you at giving massages?”

Gregory says the messages aren't from him. He believes that someone is impersonating him.

He denied our request for an on-camera interview, but he sent News 4’s Liz Lohuis “I haven’t asked for any of this. Make sure you put that in your story at 10 pm. Whoever is all behind this, I will be suing."

“Sue me, I would love to see him sue me,” said the woman.

The woman went face to face with Gregory in court.

She says she was being followed, so she tried to file an order of protection.

The judge dismissed it, claiming there was not enough evidence.

“He would follow me to the doctor's office, he would follow me to work, to home, he would show up on my doorstep. It's like he had a tracker on me,” said the woman.

Jessica Barnhill said she too was being followed by Gregory and would get non-stop messages.

“I believe he preys on single mothers,” said Barnhill.

Sumner County detectives say they have looked into the claims, but the stalking accusations cannot be proved.

They also say being creepy on Facebook isn't illegal.

Detectives do want women to know they can file a report if they feel they are being harassed.

They said make it clear you do not want to be contacted again, and if the messages continue, report it.

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