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Authorities in Egypt have cracked down on the LGBT community in recent years.

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Nashville's two largest new jobs prospects has signed onto an open letter in opposition of a number of Tennessee bills seen to be discriminatory.

The list of companies has swelled to over 50 large and small, and include Nashville's two largest new jobs prospects: Amazon and AllianceBernstein.

Postmates joined the coalition against the Slate of Hate on Friday.

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The Human Rights Campaign announced that eleven major corporations have signed an open letter to Tennessee lawmakers opposing the anti-LGBTQ "Slate of Hate" moving through the legislature.

The companies in opposition to the bills include Hilton, Curb Records, IKEA North America, InterContinental Hotels Group, Lyft, Marriott, MassMutual, Nike, Replacements, Salesforce, Unilever, and Warby Parker.

The companies agree in the letter that the anti-LGBTQ legislation "will make it far more challenging for their businesses to recruit and retain" staff and would "diminish the state's draw as a destination for tourism, new businesses, and economic activity."

The "Slate of Hate" includes several bills aimed against the LGBTQ community including prohibiting cities and state agencies from implementing policies that stop taxpayer funds from being used by businesses, organizations, contractors; would allow child welfare agencies that receive taxpayer funds to refuse to make placements with LGBTQ families; would hit transgender people with harassment in public places; and would require the Tennessee Attorney General to pay for legal costs or defend discriminatory anti-transgender school policies that would cost taxpayers.

“The anti-LGBTQ ‘Slate of Hate’ being considered in Tennessee is about as discriminatory as they come. These bills would harm LGBTQ Tennesseans and signal that Tennessee is closed for business,” said Beck Bailey, Acting Director of the Workplace Equality Program at the Human Rights Campaign. “We are grateful to the corporations that have signed this letter opposing these harmful bills, and we implore Tennessee’s lawmakers to heed their warning. The Volunteer State needs only look east toward North Carolina to see how anti-LGBTQ legislation can harm a state’s residents, economy and reputation. Tennessee should not repeat North Carolina’s mistake and lawmakers should not advance these bills any further.”

Read the full letter below:

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