Local gymnast attends Nassar sentencing hearing


Randall Margraves couldn't contain his rage in court on Friday morning.

His three daughters are among Larry Nassar's many victims.

Nassar is the former Olympic doctor who admitted to sexually abusing young girls.

Becca Seaborn, a former gymnast that grew up near Nashville, says she understands.

She too was sexually abused by her gymnastics coach Mark Schiefelbein in Brentwood.

"He's a monster," said Seaborn in an interview with News4's Carley Gordon on Friday.

Seaborn says he told her not to tell, that no one would believe her, she wouldn't have any friends and that they both would get in trouble.

"When you're ten and eleven-years-old, you believe the things that adults tell you," said Seaborn.

In court, it came out that USA Gymnastics ignored complaints about Schiefelbein for years.

It wasn't until Seaborn and her family went to police that he was finally convicted and sentenced, initially to 96 years in prison.

"Seeing a person who's hurt so many people get what they deserve and have justice served is cathartic," said Seaborn.

Seaborn now has a husband, a little girl and a baby boy on the way

She's become a spokesperson and an advocate for victims of sexual abuse, particularly athletes.

Seaborn made a point to be there for Nassar's sentencing.

She's sharing this message:

"Fight for change. Fight for your children and for athletes," said Seaborn. "If something happens, as hard as it is to speak out, it's so important because not only you stopping this person, your abuser, from hurting you but people in the future."

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