A community mourned on the other side of the world, after a gunman open fire on a New Zealand mosque Thursday.
"It can happen around the corner or another part of the world," Kamel Daouck, President of the Islamic Center of Nashville, said.
Dozens gathered Friday in an unflinching display of faith at the Islamic Center for their midday prayer service, hours after a man opened fire in a room just like it on the other side of the globe. Another vigil held at One Public Square on Sunday.
"Shock,' Daouck said of hearing the news. "Very sad, and it reminded me of the attacks on the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. Also the black churches."
Daouck said he was overwhelmed Friday by the outpouring of support he received from groups of all faiths and affiliations across the mid-state. "People are understanding. People are against this hatred," he said.
"Be kind to people. Not just to the religious community, but to any human being," the imam preached from a podium at the front of mosque. "We have to see each other as brothers and sisters regardless of everything else. We must not tolerate any act of violence. Zero tolerance. Otherwise, it's us today and you tomorrow and there is no end to this."
"I think it's time everybody is active in their own communities," Daouck said. "Building connections with a community that you don't know. When you see language of hate, whether on social media or somebody says something in the street, do something about it."

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