NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A number of laws take effect in Tennessee on Thursday, including the constitutional carry bill, which allows Tennesseans 21 and older to carry a gun without a permit and without a gun safety course requirement. 

'Permitless carry' law takes effect Thursday in Tennessee

Spencer Bristol Act 

The Spencer Bristol Act increases penalties for people who run from police, causing an officer to get hurt or die. 

The legislation is named after Officer Spencer Bristol, who was hit and killed by oncoming traffic while pursuing a hit-and-run suspect on foot. 

Evelyn's Law 

Evelyn's Law establishes the potential for a Class A misdemeanor charge if parents do not report a missing child to law enforcement within 24 hours. 

The legislation is named after Sullivan County 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell, who was found dead after her mother didn't report her disappearance to authorities for months. 

New laws protecting children take effect Thursday

Eli's Law

Legislation putting more guardrails in place to protect children from abusive parents was passed.

This law allows the Department of Children's Services to investigate the birth of subsequent children born to parents who have had a previous child removed from their custody. 

Lifetime Order of Protection 

The Lifetime Order of Protection enables victims of domestic felonies to file for a lifetime order of protection against their convicted offender. 

Gov. Lee set to sign the Lifetime Order of Protection Bill today

Drag Racing 

A new law aimed at curbing drag racing in Tennessee upgrades the penalty from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class A misdemeanor. 

More cars towed as part of initiative to stop street racing

Catalytic Converter Theft

This legislation aims to decrease the theft of catalytic converters in Tennessee. The bill requires any person buying unattached catalytic converters to be registered as a scrap metal dealer in a fixed location business and to track purchases. It also requires the person selling a detached catalytic converter to provide documentation and identification.

Catalytic Converter bill signed into law

Public Restrooms 

Legislation has passed stating that if a business has a policy allowing both biological sexes to use the same multi-stall public restroom, then a notice of the policy should be posted at the entrance of it. 

Curb Records, Mike Curb Foundation file lawsuit against governor over bathroom bill

To see the entire list of new laws now in effect, click here.

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