Kroger adding technology to make shopping quicker

Kroger is adding a new program called "Scan, Bag, Go" to its store on 21st Avenue South. (WSMV)

There’s a new way to shop at one local grocery store.

The Kroger on 21st Avenue South is implementing a new program called “Scan, Bag, Go.”

It allows customers to shop using a handheld scanner that logs their items as they walk through the aisles.

“We’ll pick up our item, we’ll scan and you can pick it up and put it in your bag,” said Melissa Eads, Kroger spokesperson.

“The program is meant to cut down your shopping time by giving you faster checkout times.

Once you’re done shopping, you go to the checkout line and simply pay.

“There’s a couple things I think people will like. They are in total control of how they bag their groceries,” said Eads. “They also can see a running total. A lot of shoppers are on a budget, so this will help them see where they are as far as their spending instead of waiting for that surprise at checkout.”

The Tennessee Kroger is the first of 92 stores across Nashville that will get this new technology.

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