A former federal judge, now Nashville lawyer is teaming up with one of the nation's biggest celebrities to change a law they say puts the wrong people away for life.

Kevin Sharp and Kim Kardashian

Former federal judge Kevin Sharp and Kim Kardashian met with President Trump and Ivanka and Jared Kushner last week to ask for a pardon for Chris Young. (Photo submitted)

Kevin Sharp and Kim Kardashian sat down with President Donald Trump and Ivanka and Jared Kushner at the White House last week.

The two are asking for clemency for a Clarksville man who is serving a life sentence for buying and selling drugs.

It was the three strikes you're out law that made it mandatory for Chris Young to be sentenced to life.

He had three felony drug charges but Sharp said the amount he had on him was smaller than the size of a quarter.

Sharp is the one who had to hand down the sentence.

"I just thought this is crazy, what a waste of a human life because he is clearly intelligent and he clearly could have gone a very different direction," said Sharp.

Sharp was so bothered he stepped down from the bench to advocate for people like Young who grew up poor and without parents.

"This was a kid who was looking for somewhere to belong and it became this life is where it was," said Sharp.

Young's story touched Kardashian too.

"You have this idea of who people are from this persona on television and it's not who she was. It's not who she is. She is someone who is very serious and smart and savvy about trying to get some relief for Chris," said Sharp.

Young may be the face of the movement, but Sharp says it is so much greater than one person.

"There are thousands of others out there like him. We just have to figure out the most efficient way to figure out who they are so we can get the right people out of prison and keep the right people in," said Sharp.

You can read more about Chris's story here.

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