NASHVILLE (WSMV) - A judge has dismissed a lawsuit to stop the Major League Soccer stadium project.

The lawsuit was filed against the city by the group Save Our Fairgrounds.

Late Thursday afternoon, Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled in favor of Metro Government, writing that there is no basis for the case to remain in court.

Metro Government had argued it's alright to add new uses to the fairgrounds and that the city could build a Major League Soccer stadium and still protect the flea market and other uses.

This means that the MLS Stadium project can move forward, for now.

An attorney for Save Our Fairgrounds said the group plans to appeal the decision all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

This is a developing story.

Read the full statement from Save Our Fairgrounds Attorney Jim Roberts below:

As the attorney for Save Our Fairgrounds and the numerous citizens and stakeholders, I have reviewed the Chancellor's Order and have the following comments:

Save Our Fairgrounds is naturally disappointed the Chancellor saw that Metro's giveaway of millions of dollars in Fairgrounds property to billionaires is a policy decision which cannot be challenged by the citizens of Nashville.

The Metro Government has no power to violate its own Charter, as it has done with the Fairgrounds. We are confident an Appellate Court will not let Metro get away with destroying the Fairgrounds.

Every detail of the Mixed-Use Development & Soccer Stadium deal has been clouded in secrecy at every stage of the process. The people deserve to know how this giveaway to billionaires of tens of millions of dollars in valuable real estate will not hurt the Fairgrounds' Charter-protected Uses. The people also deserve to know why every lease, agreement, and contract of this giveaway has yet to be signed and dated.

At a time when we cannot meet our promise of a Cost of Living Increase to our police and firefighters, it is unacceptable that our elected officials will freely hand over so much of our public land to billionaires, while demanding so little in return.

If not challenged on appeal, the end result of today's decision will ultimately be the loss of the Fairgrounds and the events loved by the people of Nashville. There will be no more State Fairs and it is only a matter of time before the Flea Market, Expo Events, and other historical uses are squeezed out. Metro's goal for the past decade has been to destroy the fairgrounds by giving the property away to billionaires with nothing in return to the citizens of Nashville.

The Tennessee State Fair cannot be held at the Fairgrounds in 2019 due to Metro's elimination of critically needed parking. When the State Fair is destroyed the other events will be squeezed out which is Metro's plan.

Save Our Fairgrounds intends to appeal the decision all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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