Some people are calling the Momo Challenge a hoax while others say they’ve actually seen it.

Either way, schools are responding to make sure parents are on the lookout.

On a post on the News4 Facebook page, only about a dozen people out of hundreds of comments said they saw the video on their child’s device.

Some kids were playing Minecraft and Roblox video games, other parents said they saw it on YouTube and don’t appreciate those people saying it’s fake.

One mother commented “It’s very insensitive to children in my very own life that have had this happen to them (on YouTube) … children were told that if they tell their parents their family would die … please don’t say it’s not true.”

YouTube issued a statement saying “We’ve seen no recent evidence of videos promoting the Momo Challenge on YouTube. Videos encouraging harmful and dangerous challenges are against our policies.”

Momo videos have also been rumored to show on the Facebook-owned platform “What’s App.”

“We don’t allow the promotion of self-injury or suicide and will remove it when reported to us,” Facebook said in a statement.

Here’s the problem with figuring out whether the videos are real.

News4 searched for them and couldn’t find any. Neither could Nashville IT experts at Kraft Technology, but there are first-hand accounts of people finding them.

Local school districts aren’t taking any chances.

Wilson County Schools reports two elementary students saw the videos on Thursday and told their parents. The school blocked the site they were on and did the same for across the district.

Robertson County Schools sent a district-wide message to parents warning them of the Momo Challenge and asking teachers to address the issue with their students.

Rutherford County Schools said it was using this opportunity to reinforce the importance of good online safeguards.

Other school systems think talking about it is only making the situation worse.

Dickson County Schools said “they reviewed it and do not plan to extend the frenzy.”

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Lindsey Nance joined the News4 team in June 2018. She currently covers the education beat for News4.

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