Employees who work for one of the area’s largest school districts are currently going through a training that might surprise you.

It had one teacher so upset, he contacted the News4 I-Team.

The News4 I-Team began investigating after a teacher with the Williamson County School District contacted us saying he was required to watch videos about white privilege.

The training video has several different elements, one of them being the topic of privilege, specifically how it affects different races.

Several different employees are talking throughout the 26-minute video, sharing their perspectives, and they don't hold back.

They're employees of all different races and both genders.

Here are what some of the employees in the video said.

 “White men have the advantage over women and different minority groups because they’ve been in power for so long,” one man said.

"I didn’t realize how many privileges I actually have,” said another employee.

“I've been ignoring how much privilege I do have. I’ve enjoyed a lot of privilege I didn’t have to ask for,” said a third employee of the district.

After these employees are done talking, there's a slideshow.

During one of the slides a voice said, "While acknowledging white individuals do enjoy unearned advantages that society does not offer individuals of color."

At the very end of the video employees are asked to get in groups and have a 10-minute discussion.

One of the questions they're asked to discuss was "What actions can teachers take to work against systems and structures that promote the dominance of white cultural norms?"

District officials declined our request for an on-camera interview but did send us a statement from superintendent Dr. Mike Looney, saying:

“Our district is providing training to our employees on how we as professionals can best make all of our students feel welcome, wanted and worthwhile. In January of 2018 I formed a committee of teachers, administrators, and parents to discuss related issues. One of the many outcomes of our conversation was the development of a training series. One element in this series includes the topic of privilege. Privilege exists in a variety of forms. Race, economic, language are some ways that people might enjoy privilege over others. Our goals if for our employees to be cognizant of this so that we can best understand and serve our students.”

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