NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - United Parcel Service is now requiring that its employees wear masks at its Whites Creek location after News4 Investigates documented citizen complaints and captured employees not wearing masks despite the company's mandate to follow city guidelines.

Richard Scott reached out to News4 Investigates with his frustrations with the UPS location after filing two different complaints with the city that he was encountering employees not wearing masks.

After a third visit where he said employees were again not wearing masks, he called News4 Investigates.

Scott's wife of 47 years has a compromised immune system.

"I truly am concerned, as I said. Lots of folks are at risk," Scott said.

The city has been requiring all employees in businesses wear masks.

News4 Investigates obtained the nearly 500 complaints from citizens about reported COVID-19 violations in businesses and found 10 separate complaints about UPS locations in which employees were not wearing masks.

No UPS location has received a fine from the city.

One of the UPS locations on Highway 70 South received five complaints along about no employees wearing masks.

In comparison, Kid Rock's downtown bar received four complaints and was one of 14 businesses that received citations this weekend.

Hugh Adkins, Director of Environmental Health Services Bureau for the Metro Public Health Department, said they evaluate all the complaints they receive, but if several similar complaints are filed in the same day, it is counted only as one complaint.

Metro Public Health then reaches out to that business. However, if more complaints come on a follow day, they move in to inspect.

"If we are getting another complaint, then we are following up with a site visit," Adkins said.

News4 Investigates went to the Whites Creek location on Monday and saw two employees not wearing masks.

Matt O'Connor, spokesman for UPS, said after News4 Investigates inquired as to the complaints, they realized employees at that location were not wearing masks and directed them to do so from this point forward.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. UPS’ policy is to follow all state and local ordinances. All of our Nashville area employees are expected to wear masks and UPS is making them available to them. They are to follow CDC guidelines. The safety of our employees, customers and general public is our first priority,” O’Connor said in a email statement to News4 Investigates.

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Chief Investigative Reporter

Jeremy Finley is the chief investigator for News4 Investigates. His reporting has resulted in criminal convictions, legislative hearings before the U.S. Congress, and the payout of more than a million dollars to scam victims.

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