NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - News4 Investigates has discovered not all Metro Schools students who need laptops have them.

It's been almost a month since school started and Metro Schools is all virtual, leaving some parents wondering what's being done to make sure every student who needs a computer has one.

It could be months before every student has a computer.

"With the laptops, getting the kids logged in every day and in the system, it's been very hectic," said Jocelyn Starnes, who has four kids enrolled in Metro Schools.

Starnes, a mother of six, said she was forced to quit her job. She said she needs to be home with her kids helping them navigate the new world of virtual learning.

"It's hard. I'm sorry, but it's very hard," said Starnes.

What's making it even harder, she said, is the fact two of her children were without a working computer. Her daughter's computer wasn't working and she went without it for the first week. Her son waited even longer.

"He was just able to get his laptop yesterday. He was without it for two weeks," said Starnes.

Starnes said when she contacted the school, she was told her sone would have to wait for a new one and was added to the wait list.

"This went on for two weeks. Now we're making up for two weeks of classwork," said Starnes.

Last week the school district told News4 Investigates it ordered 70,000 laptops and they are being received in batches over the course of the next few months.

Starnes said that's not good enough.

"They need to get more organized, they really do, because this is very unorganized," said Starnes.

"I know the kinks are hard the first week, but now that we've done this for awhile, we should be more stable," said Metro School Board Member Fran Bush.

Bush said this is why she supports giving parents the option to send their kids back to the classroom.

"We are going to be in a situation we're going to regret not trying to give options for students so they can have more academic support," said Bush.

If a student doesn't have a computer and is still waiting, there are help centers throughout Nashville where students can go in the meantime.


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