Skin test - 1/23/20

Skinsuit is just the latest product offering to keep your skin safe from blue light.

“You wouldn't lay on a beach for 11-½ hours, without sunscreen protection. But we sit in front of screens, on average 14 hours a day unprotected,” said Celeste Hilling, CEO of Skin Authority.

To battle against blue light and infrared radiation, Hilling partnered with medical experts to come up with what she says is the ultimate shield against blue light.

“The light we can’t see, the light that’s indoors is in many ways a lot more damaging than the light we’re exposed to outside. I’d love to suit you up because you're in front of these screens every day,” said Hilling.

Consumer Reporter Lindsay Bramson decided to take her up on her offer and for 30 days used the product twice a day on her face.

“The skin tone overall is very even which is really good,” said Nashville dermatologist and plastic surgeon Brian Biesman.

Bramson went to him before she started using it and then one month later.

“I’d say 30 days later your skin really looks the same,” said Biesman.

Hilling said customers really need to give it about 72 days before noticing visible change on customer’s skin.

Biesman said it's unclear just how much of an effect blue light has on the skin, but an ingredient with an antioxidant in it, like Skinsuit certainly can't hurt.

“I wouldn't tell people that they're putting themselves at risk if they don't do something to protect their skin because we just don't have enough information,” said Biesman.

Some of the ingredients in Skinsuit can be found in a variety of price points at stores all over.

You really want to make sure you do your research and buy something with an antioxidant in it.


Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter. She currently specializes in consumer issues.

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