NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Unusually high water bills have people all over Nashville furious.

People want to know why their bills are still high even with their outdoor sprinklers have been turned off for the winter.

“It’s kind of crazy to see in the summer our bill was lower, but we were probably using more water just being at home,” said Garrett Pave, who lives in Nashville with his parents.

Because of COVID-19, Garrett said his family spent most days at home, using more water than they do now. Their June water bill was $700 less than it is now. The October bill was more than $1,100.

“I feel like we used a significant more amount of water (in June), so the fact now in October and November, the colder months where you’re inside, why it’s that much more I personally don’t understand,” said Pave.

The Pave family isn’t alone.

Another Nashville family said the bills got so expensive they couldn’t keep up and now owe more than $2,000 due to missed payments.

Metro Water insists customers’ bills are accurate and many are higher due to a rate increase.

However, News4 Investigates has found more than $1 million has been paid back to homeowners since May who ended up having a leak.

“The higher amount in October and a significant lower amount in the summer is kind of throwing my parents off more than anything,” said Pave.

A spokeswoman for Metro Water said bills will be higher this winter than last winter because of the rate increase. However, be sure to get someone out to check for a leak if you’re suspicious of that.

Beginning Dec. 1, Metro Water resumed normal billing. That means the department will once again charge late fees and disconnect for nonpayment. Those with outstanding balances will be able to set up a payment plan.


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